Saturday, 19 May 2012

Adjustable Regulator

Adjustable Gas  Regulator
Used for small comercial installations or installed on manifolds / piping.Installed on any High Pressure Adoptor or on pipe or on high-pressure valves to obtain variable outlet pressure to use appliances with high-pressure burners. These regulators can be used for first or second stage pressure regulators and are stable over the entire range of delivery pressure.  Adjustable pressure 0-20 psig............

Pipe Gas to The Kitchen
LPG Bottling Plants 
LPG Storage Vessel 
Commercial Burners
Canteen Burners 

High Pressure Regulator

High Pressure gas Regulator
. Inlet pressure 200 bar maximum 
. Delivery pressure adjustable 1 to 10 bar
. Fluid media, non corrosive gases 
. Temperature range -40oc to +70oc
. Body ports 1/4" / 1/2" npt female 
. Pressure gauges 50 mm diameter 
. Wetted area parts ultrasonically cleaned corrosion resistance
. Make : Weldcut, Arth or Esab with ss diaphragm

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