Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saraswat Group :: Application Engineerings

Application Engineerings

From a SINGLE COMPONENT to an entire factory installation, let us address every need for your heating process facility. SARASWAT GROUP is the place to go for all your gas handling equipments (manifolding, piping, gas monitoring, process heating, Gas metering, conversion of fuels.) size reduction & plant automation need. SARASWAT GROUP provides processes with industries leading FULL FEATURED PRODUCTS at WORLD CLASS PRICING. Each of our products is designed with the process in mind with all the innovations to maximize profit and efficiency.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Saraswat Group :: Reticulated Pipe Fittings

• 24 hours gas supply at your command.  
• No cylinder in the kitchen or inside the flat / resturants.    
• No holiday for Gas supply. 
• No follow up with LPG Distributor. 
• No waiting list for new connection or refill.  
• No entry to delivery boy inside the house.   
• No handling of cylinders by elders or younger generation.  
• LPG cylinder are handled by  trained mechanic.  
• Gas meter for recording on actual consumption.  
• 3rd party accident & loss of property insurance.    
• Entire system is as per IS code  6044 Part I  & OISD -162.  

     We offer reticulated systems for domestic & commercial locations with Over Pressure & Under pressure protections for reduce mishapnings.

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