Monday, 29 October 2012

Saraswat Group :: Two Stage Gas Burners

• Designed for use in hot or superheated water boilers, hot air or steam generators, thermic fluid heaters.
• Fitted with micro processor based control panel with diagnostic function.
• Fan with reserve curved blades & sound deadening material ensures low noise level.
• Variable profile cam controls perfect mixture of fuel & air at all firing.
• Slide bars for easy installation & maintenance.
• The exclusive design ensures reduced dimensions and enables simple use and maintenance.

Saraswat Group has extensive experience in LPG / propane multi cylinder gas installations we have been in this business for last 12 years. We have a team of experienced engineers who handle the gas systems properly. We are provide Reticulated Pipe Fittings, LPG services India, LPG detection and monitoring system, Industrial and commercial burners, LPG Reticulated System, Propane gas Installations, Propane Tank Installation, Gas Manifold system, Industrial Gas Manifolds, LPG Tank Installation, Gas pipeline contractors, Gas Handling Equipments & Combustion Control Product.

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